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Deep Space 3

  1. Steal This Moment            Reach For The Moon               Peace of Mind

Deep Space 3
EP Reach For The Moon
Deep Space 3

Deep Space 3

Deep Space 3

Ocean Waves

Ocean Waves


Space Waves, 4-track EP

Spacewave / Retrowave

4-track EP; Secret Sonics -Space Waves NOW AVAILABLE!

Exclusively on Bandcamp - High quality downloads

Instrumental Chill-out

We are proud to present our first CHILL OUT EP, with influences from New Age, Art Rock, Art House, Deep-house & Electronic music. NOW on Bandcamp!


Art Rock / Progressive Rock / Instrumental Post Rock

The Untold Story

This Art Rock Project is influenced by the music of Pink Floyd, Alan Parsons Project, Mike Oldfield, Enigma and many others!

Available on Bandcamp, Tidal & Qobus (high res) and on all other platforms like Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc.


The aim is to create music that not only sounds fresh and new, but also has that nostalgic feel to it. With the use of vintage sounds and implementing extended synth- and guitar solo’s with unexpected chord progressions, I want to take the listener on an inspirational journey.

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