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About Kraakmusic

Thanks for visiting our website, created to keep you posted about new releases, events, projects & music-video's.

Here is a short introduction of the person behind Kraakmusic;

I am a producer and DJ from the northern parts of the Netherlands, that has been working the clubs for more than a decade as an all-round DJ.
Since 2010 I've been producing full-time. The love for music pushed me towards this daring career-change and I have not regretted it since.
Music has always been a big part of my life, as my father played the saxophone and we were always listening to a wide variety of genres back home.

At the age of fifteen I discovered the synthesizer and a great new world unfolded before my ears. About three years later I started out DJ-ing and became the regular house DJ of a club called The String. I worked there for thirteen years and in between I did a lot of other gigs on many different locations. Over the years I developed my playing skills on the piano and started out playing guitar. I've got influenced and inspired by a great number of artists, so many styles may surface in my music.

The main genres I'm producing in;

Art Rock / Post Rock / Progressive Rock

Ambient / Space Music / Retrowave

Electronic Music & Chill-Out



All the best!
Sietze Kraak