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Swift Online Mastering

(only available for customers in the European Union!)

Receive a demo of your mastered track upfront! You'll pay when you are fully satisfied with the end result!

Pricing (incl. 21% BTW (taxes);

1 Track                                                                   (length max. 7 min.)                                                        € 40,-

1 Maxi Track                                                         (length 7 min. - 15 min.)                                                  € 50,-

EP                                                                          (max. 6 tracks / 42 min.)                                                  € 250,-

Album                                                                  ( max 12 tracks / 84 min.)                                                 € 395,-

  • Send your stereo mix (with WeTransfer, to our email address) at max.-6dB, to prevent clipping.
  • Don’t put any compression or limiting on your bounced stereo mix.
  • Send onlywav files (44 kHz/16bit, 48 kHz/24 bit or 96 kHz/32 bit-float).
  • Let us know how loud you want your mix to be mastered (Low, Medium or High). Beware; the louder the mix, the smaller the dynamic range! We do not recommend High.
  • Let us know for which medium/platform the mastering is intended for and/or in which format you wish to receive your mastered track (and the required mastering level). Check the examples below;

Spotify, iTunes and other online stores and streaming services;

        16 bit/44.1k WAV files, at -14 LUFS.


        24 bit/44.1k WAV files, at -13 LUFS (24 bit/48k is also possible, but it increases the chance of aliasing).


        24 bit WAV files, sample rates above 44.1k (no level normalizations on Bandcamp)

        If you have any questions, send us an email!